Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence is being urged to apologise after she admitted rubbing her butt on sacred rocks in Hawaii.

Oscar winner Ms Lawrence, 26, joked about almost killing a man on the set of one of her Hunger Games movies because she was stratching her derriere on rocks and dislodged one of them. She said that the boulder ended up nearly hitting a sound man as it rolled down a mountain.

However, after telling the story in a television interview, she provoked anger on social media, with people saying that she had been disrespectful to Hawaiian culture.

One person pointed out: “She rubbed her butt on a monument people used to spiratually represent their ancestors and she thought it was cute.” Another described her as “ugly” for her actions.


Ms Lawrence said that visitors are banned from sitting on the rocks, but that she ended up using the boulders as a scratching post while wearing an uncomfortable wetsuit. It is not the first time that the actress has told the same story, however. She told interviewers about it three years ago too and brought it back up again this time when interviewer Graham Norton asked her about the incident.

However, the tale seemed to provoke more anger second time around. While some people defended the actress on twitter, saying that critics were overreacting to what had happened, it is unikely she will be choosing to tell the story for a third time given the angry backlash she is now facing.

Ms Lawrence is busy promoting her latest movie Passengers, which is a sci-fi film which has seen the actress paid a whopping $20 million for her role. Her co-star Chris Pratt has received half that amount, which is unusual in an industry which usually comes under fire for paying its leading ladies less than the men.


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