The controversial new movie is struggling to achieve its honors at the next annual Oscars. Before its release, the slavery film’s chances of winning best picture were 11-to-1. According to, the movie’s odds are right around 22-to-1, after the first weekend of Birth of a Nation. The potential winners’ list on the popular website moved the film, from #6 to #8.

Ever since August of this year, controversy has surrounded the movie and its writer/director/star actor of the movie, Nate Parker. It all began with Parker’s past, when news got out about him being on trial for a rape charge. Although this incident took place, while Nate Parker was in college and the accuser eventually took her own life in 2012, the story still found a way to become more popular than the anticipated movie release.

Although the incident involving Parker swarmed the media, the founder of, Tom O’Neil said that the accusations had nothing to do with the site’s predictions. “Since moviegoers and film critics are failing to rally behind Birth, I think it’s unrealistic to believe that academy members will do so”, said O’Neil.

The movie centers around a slave that becomes a preacher and joins forces with rebellion leader, Nat Turner for a huge victory involving their fight for freedom. As far as reviews, moviegoers have given positive responses. On CinemaScore, Birth of a Nation received an ‘A’ from the viewers. The movie’s box office gross, over the first weekend, was $7 million.

A columnist for stated that the film was barely able to even get recognized. The columnist believes the film’s distributor, Fox Searchlight is disappointed by the film’s results, although nothing has been said from the company. According to industry insiders, Parker has to take part of the blame for the film’s initial results. The star promoted a media tour that did more damage than support. They claim the actor’s demeanor comes off as being unsympathetic and out of touch. A film editor for, Kate Erbland suggests that Nate Parker disappear. She believes that Parker’s presence is giving the film a harder chance to become a success.

While attempting to succeed with his current film, the actor is tapping into is directing skills even more. Parker recently signed a deal to write a drama that involved two disabled wrestlers that were connected to Lisa Fenn, an ESPN producer.