It really hasn’t been a good decade for the Hilton clan. With the heir and heiress consistently sparking controversy and raising eyebrows for their drunken and usually disgusting antics.

Out of three of them, only Nicky Hilton seems to wish to make a go of her life and not be splashed all over the tabloids for doing all the wrong things. Being a great philanthropist, she wants to use her great wealth, both from being part of the Hilton dynasty and marrying into the Rothschild family, to make a difference to the world, and to help those who are not as fortunate as herself.

Paris on the other hand has time and time again proved herself to be quite a vile, cantankerous little princess who’s only major accolade is that she released a porn video after her sex tape was leaked, named aptly ‘A Night in Paris’.

Paris also came under fire a few years ago for making several homophobic slurs which were caught on camera and not to mention the list of driving offences which led to her incarceration. Paris is also known to have a temper and has been documented having tantrums over the smallest of things, setting in stone her spoiled, juvenile princess syndrome.

Her brother, Conrad, has proved to be another embarrassment, after his arrest for drunk driving, stealing a car, speeding, breaking a restraining order, drunk and disorderly and homophobic and racist abuse of a police officer.

Eventually, he was only charged with Grand Theft Auto and the breaking of the Restraining Order.

However, the video footage shows that he, like his equally petulant sister, seems to believe he is above the law after screaming ‘I’m Conrad F*****G Hilton’ and calling officers F****T and N****R.

That is hardly a very good way to lessen the charges brought against you and not bring shame upon your family name. Conrad is now in the Two Towers correctional facility awaiting trial, and hopefully, he has the book thrown at him, for celebrities like this need to know they simply can’t get away with doing whatever they like with no consequence or repercussion.

Both Paris and Conrad should be grateful that they didn’t run anyone over, for they would be in far more trouble than driving with a suspended license and DUI.

It leads us also to question, that Conrad Hilton Snr. had predicted what would happen before his death in 1979, and decided that 97% of all of his assets would be sent to his charitable foundation, greatly decreasing inheritance for all of his descendants.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation offers support in 6 key areas, and approximately has $2.5 billion in assets. Why can’t Paris and Conrad follow in their sisters’ footsteps and make a difference to the world for the better, instead of acting like demigods who are able to get away with nearly anything they like, knowing that they can always buy their way out by posting bail and making donations.