With worldwide condemnation and the collective utter disgust at the chemical attack in Syria, coupled with the swift response by the US in regards to the retaliatory missile attack on the airbase in western Syria, many option traders are turning their trading attention to oil.

It has often be the case that in times of crisis in the middle east, the first thing to be affected is the price of oil, and as such as sure as night follows day, following the missile attack by the US the price of oil has begun to creep up in value.

In fact shortly after the expensive launch of the 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles the price of oil increased to a four week high, and many speculators are predicting that the price of oil will go on an upward curve from now on.

With Russia and Iran angry over the attack it is not only the price of oil that will begin to creep up in value as the value of companies involved in the manufacture and supply of military hardware are also showing an increase in value too.

Whilst Syria is not by any stretch of the imagination a major oil supplier, it is the knock on effects of the unrest in that part of the world that is going to affect the price of oil with those nearby countries that are major oil suppliers.

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There is also going to be a very good chance that currencies may be affected by events in Syria and there are many people trading currencies online that are looking to cash in from these events.

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Any further escalation of military action against Syria will see many other countries being drawn into the conflict, and as such we are expecting to see both the money markets and stocks and shares becoming very volatile in the very near future.