You have to hand it to Channel 5 over in the UK, their decision to take on the Big Brother franchise after Channel 4 decided to ditch it was a good one, for even though this reality TV show has been around for many years, it is certainly compulsive viewing!

It is of course the celebrity version of Big Brother that is currently airing, and it is now at the stage in time in this current series when many viewers start to place bets and wagers on who the likely winner will be, and most bookmakers are offering a betting markets and odds on each of the celebrities still in the Big Brother house!

As such, I will now give you a very quick insight into each of the contestants and give you an overview into the odds currently on offer on each of them, just in case you fancy having a bet on just who you think will win!

Having bared his bottom as his alter ego when entering the house the lovable drag queen Courtney Act has certainly proven to be a very popular house mate this year and that is reflected in his/her odds currently at 10/11!

Possibly the oldest virgin to enter the house Ann Widdecombe may be stubborn and set in her ways but the public really have armed to her too and if you fancy her chances then make sure you snap up the odds of 11/4 a number of betting sites are offering on her winning!

Some of the contestants with medium sized odds on winning include Shane Lynch at 10 to 1 and the ex-corrie and carry on film actress Amanda Barrie is on offer at 14 to 1 and you will find you can get 16 to 1 on Andrew Brady if you fancy his chances.

With odds of 25 to 1 both Jess Impiazzi and Dapper Laughs may be worth a punt and for those of you who think one of the outsiders may just win you can get odds as high as 33 to 1 by shopping around  on John Barnes, Maggie Oliver and also on Malika Haqq winning.

I did feel that Wayne Sleep had a chance of winning based on some of his more TV reality show type work, however that is not the case if the bookies are to be believed for his odds of winning are 66 to 1, as are the odds on Rachel Johnson and also on Ashley James!

Two people with the highest valued odds are Jonny Mitchell and Ginuwine as with a little bit of hunting round at various different betting sites you can find odds of 100 to 1 and 150 to 1 on each of them respectively.

Keep in mind though that if you do fancy placing a bet on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 and are interested in securing the odds listed above you do need to act quickly as with a lot of evictions due the odds on those that are not evicted will of course drop in value!