Love him or hate him Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, however there are a number of betting sites that are offering those adventurous bettors the opportunity of place several unique bets and wagers on him and his presidency!

As such if you are interested in placing such a bet then you have plenty of different types of wagers on offer to you, and as such we spend the morning looking at just what type of bets and wagers you can place on him!

Be aware that as it is European and United Kingdom based betting sites and Sportsbooks that are offering odds on the following Trump related betting opportunities the odds displayed are fractional, however we will enlighten you on what the payouts on such bets are, as you are much more likely to be used to American Odds if you are a sports bettor!

One bet that does appear to be popular is for Trump to last the full term              , and the odds on him doing so are currently 4/6, which means that for every $6 you wager on that bet, if he does last the full term then you will receive $4 in winnings and will also have your $6 wager returned to you.

However, if you do not think that Trump will not last the full term in office, for any reason then the odds of that particular wager are 11/10, and that means for every $10 you wager you will get your stake money of $10 returns and an $11 winning payout too.

If you are convinced that Donald Trump will be re-elected again as President in 2020 the current best available odds on him being re-elected are very unappealing, at 1/3 meaning for every $3 you wager if he does win that next election you will be paid out $1 in winnings and also get your $3 stake returned too!

In fact, some better sites and Sportsbooks are also offering odds on who the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election will be, and as such if you are prepared to put a wager on who you think will be the next President after that election in advance the you will find the following odds are on offer.

Donald Trump is the favorite to be voted President after the 2020 Election with his odds generally being offered at 9/4, so a $4 wager will see you winning $9 and getting your $4 stake returned to you.

Mike Pence is currency pencilled up at second favourite and his odds are 8/1, meaning a $1 stake will see you will $8 and getting your $1 initial wager returned to you.

Elizabeth Warren is available at odds of 12/1, so for a $1 stake you will get $13 back which is a $12 winning profit and your $1 stake money paid back out to you!

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are currently at odds of 16/1 to win the 2020 Election and as such a $1 wager on either of them will see you having the chance of winning $16 in profit along with getting paid back your $1 stake!