It would appear that one of the best industry’s to be involved in to get heavily rewarded via your pay check is the gambling supply industry. A study released today has shown that people involved in the casino and gambling supply companies industry earn on average almost double the average US wage, and as such they are paid $90k per year.

That figure is double the U.S. average wage and has come as a surprise to many people, as usually jobs associated with the gambling industry do not pay that much.

Globally there are 55,000 people employed by a range of different gaming supply companies and collective they earn a whopping $4.9 billion. This report has been compiled by the respected Applied Analysis who is a company that is based in Vegas.

Whilst the report itself does not say just how many of those people are based in the U.S. it does make interesting reading, much more so when you realize that the average wage for an American work is $50k per year, that figure has been supplied by the Bureau of Labor based on their own nationwide research.

You may not be aware at just how diverse that industry is, for there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes to make the gambling industry as a whole tick and operate, however gaming supply companies include the companies that make the table games, slot machines, video poker machine and lottery equipment along with companies that built the software and systems used by casino operators and also the content found on all manner of different gambling devices too.

It was AGEM or the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers that is based in Las Vegas and is an industry lobby group that commissioned this study, and currently they have 151 members of that association globally. Two companies you may be aware of who supply the largest number of slot machines to the U.S. industry are International Game Technology and Scientific Games.

However, it may not be the case that all of the workers involved in the gaming supply industry are as well paid as this report suggests, for there are seven executives at Scientific games for example who earned collectively $22 million last year and as such that does slightly slew the average wage earned in this industry as those combined wages are the equivalent of 244 worked being paid that $90k.