You will often find some of the best and busiest poker rooms if you are prepared to venture away from the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, and that is certainly the case if you do enjoy playing in poker tournaments in Vegas but are on something of a tight budget.

We think it may be worth you taking a look at the range of daily poker tournaments that are now available at the Stratosphere Casino, for having paid a visit to that casino resort recently we have found there are no shortages of players, which does of course ensure the poker pots are worth winning!

The Stratosphere Poker Room advertises itself as a venue with lower buy in and lower re-buys, and as such if you do fancy spending some time at the poker tables, playing against players from all over the world then please read on for we think you will be impressed by what we are about to enlighten you on in regards to what they have to offer players.

The daily poker tournaments are up and running and scheduled to start at 7pm each day, so you will never be far away from one of them starting, and for a tournament entry fee of just $50 you will be given 4,500 in tournament chips.

You will then be offered one additional add-on for an additional $20, and if you decide to take that option you will be given a further 6,000 in poker tournament chips. You will be pleased to hear that you are going to be able to make use of an unlimited re-entry into each tournament for the very first hour, so if you do run out of poker tournament chips you can always buy some more!

The poker levels are 20 minutes in length, and one thing we have discovered about this poker room is that the cocktail waitresses are very attentive and will always be on hand if you do fancy a drink as you are playing.

In fact, if you do plan on ether gambling at the Stratosphere either as a guest in one of their hotel rooms or many different suites, make sure you join their Ace Play Club, for by doing so you are going to be earning points as you play and the more point you accumulate the more additional extras will then start to flow your way.

Admittedly if you are not staying at this casino resort you may have to make something of a concerted effort to get to the Stratosphere Poker Room, however there is a deuces stop right outside the front door and the nearest monorail stop is behind the SLS Casino further up the road.

With hundreds of slot machines, video poker machines and more card and table games than you could ever have hoped or imagined for, when you are on a break from the Poker Tournament you will always find plenty of additional distractions!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.