It will not have escaped your notice, if you are an avid bingo player that the numbers of online bingo sites that are open and available to you have been growing in number over the last year or so.

However, much like any other gambling environment, competition between such sites is always strong, and quite a few bingo sites have been closing down recently as they have been unable to attract new players or keep their one time player base loyal to their brands.

Whilst there are always new bingo sites opening up and ready to replace those that have shut down, many of those new bingo sites you will see opening up and going live may not be around and in business for very long!

For those new sites too have to ensure they have a steady stream of customers wandering through their cyber doors, for without players they can’t offer appealing bingo prizes nor make a profit either!

One aspect of running a profitable online bingo site is that you have to give players a reason to play at your bingo sites, and one way many such sites manage to achieve that is by giving their players a bonus every single time they make a deposit.

However, that does of course mean the bingo sites do need to ensure those bonus funds are not going to each away at their profits, for the bonus funds are used by players to buy bingo tickets and a large percentage of the cost of bingo cards is then feed into the bingo prize pools and given back to winning players but as cash and not bonus credits!

So if they give away too many bonuses then they could actually end up making a loss which is something many bingo sites end up doing.

It is certainly a case of the survival of the fittest in regards to staying in business as a bingo site operator, but one type of bingo site that is almost guaranteed to be able to stay in business are those that also operate and based brick and mortar bingo sites in addition to an online bingo site and maybe also a mobile bingo app too.

For those operators are able to actively, and it does have to be said successfully, cross promote all of their bingo channels to their customers and can often offer a range of promotional offers that their players can use in any playing environment, which if course something a standalone online bingo site operator cannot do.

If you therefore want something of a hassle free and enjoyable online or mobile bingo playing experience, and want the peace of mind in knowing there is very little risk of the bingo sites you are playing at vanishing into the night and closing down suddenly, then I would steer you towards playing at bingo site that also operates land based bingo clubs!