Many people do love nothing more than sitting down each morning and taking a look through the runners and riders that are scheduled to take part in horse races later in the day.

By studying the form of those runners and riders many punters will then compile a list of the likely winners of those horse races and will put together a range of different bets, in the hope the horses they predict will win a their respective races will do just that.

However, much more so at this time of the year, the weather can and does play a part in whether any horse race meetings are going to go ahead and it is throughout the winter months that a large number of race meetings will get abandoned or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

As there are a huge number of betting shops, Sportsbooks and even online and mobile betting sites that need to give their customers something to bet on, no matter what the weather is outside, many such venue and sites now offer a range of what are known as Virtual Horse Races.

You may never have come across such races before and if not that I will now give you an insight into how they have been designed, and how they are going to guarantee you of a huge range of different horse racing betting opportunities no matter what the weather outside may be!

How a virtual horse race will be displayed is simply as computer generated graphics on a TV screen the best description I could give are as a sort of cartoon type animation, however most of the much more modern virtual horse race game designers use stunning graphics and animations, so they do look visually like a real horses racing!

Before each race begins a set of fixed betting odds are available on all of the runners in that horse race, fixed odds are simply odds that do not move in value no matter how much money is placed on any one virtual horse!

An onscreen timer then counts down to zero and once it reaches zero no more bets can be placed o that race, and the race will then play out with those computer animated graphics in place.

The backend of such virtual horse are systems are such that a random number generator predicts the outcome of each race, based on the odds displayed against each horse.

Think of it if you will as something of a raffle, with the favourite horse having more tickets in that raffle as the outsiders do, obviously each horse will have a chance of winning that raffle, so any horse could be selected to be the winner of the race, and if it is then the animated graphics will show that selected horse winning.

You can take part in virtual horse racing at many online casinos and games sites, so if a race meeting has been abandoned you can still get your horse racing thrills and spills at those sites!