Whilst it is true to say the Pope Francis I does appear to be in very good health and therefore likely to be in his role of the Head of the Catholic church for quite some time, one thing we have just discovered is that some Sportsbooks are actually offering odds on who will be the next Pope!

Having recently had a visit from Donald Trump the Pope is of course always eager to spread his message of peace and reconciliation across the globe, however there are times when his views may not be welcomed in all quarters, and there are also some times when an apology has been demanded from the Pope for some previous wrongdoing associated with the members  of his church.

However, if you are the type of bettor who is always eager to place your money on a range of different betting opportunities, then you may be interested in having a long term bet on who you think will be the next Pope.

Keep in mind though that one of the main benefits of placing such a bet now rather than later, is that there will be more possible people who could become the next Pope and that does of course mean that the odds associated with all of them will be higher the sooner you place such a bet.

We do of course hope the current Pope is around for many years to come, however below we shall now give you an insight into some of the other people who may just become the next Pope and also take a look t the odds on offer on each of them too.

There are a few people who are at the top of the who will be the next Pope betting markets and they include Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (Philippines) who is on offer at 5/1along with Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana) at odds of 8/1 and Cardinal Marc Ouellet (Canada) also on offer at odds of 8/1

Those people with an outside chance of becoming the next Pope include Cardinal Mauro Piacenza (Italy) at odds of  40/1, Cardinal Pietro Parolin (Italy) at odds of 40/1 and Archbishop Piero Marini (Italy) who odds are also 40/1.

There are of course some people who whilst they could become the next Pope it is highly unlikely, and with that in mind let us now take a look at the rank outsiders.

The first is Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera (Mexico) and his odds of becoming the next Pope are huge at some 100/1, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (Ireland) is on offer at even greater odds of 150/1 so it is very true and safe to say his chances of becoming the next Pope are very low.

Believe it or not one of the most unusual bets in this betting market is on a fictional character becoming the next Pope, and that is Father Dougal Maguire (Craggy Island), who is best known for being in Father Ted a TV comedy show and his odds are 500/1!