This year’s Wimbledon is guaranteed to be an exciting sporting event and one that many Tennis fans will be eager to attend or at the very least watch on television, and whilst each of the matches being played are going to be exciting and entertaining to watch, more and more people are now having bets and wagers on the player that they admire the most.

One of the most anticipated events is of course the Men’s Wimbledon 2017 event and it is one that does attract the largest volumes of wagers too. If you are thinking of watching this event either in person or on television then how about livening up your viewing pleasure by having a small or even large bet on the player you think will win?

If that is something that does spark and interest in you, then it may be worth placing your Wimbledon bets and wagers in advance of the event starting, and it would appear, having taken a look at the betting markets that now would be a very good time to place such bets and wagers as there are some rather tempting odds available on many of the players taking part in that event.

Be aware that two of the most placed bets on the Men’s Wimbledon event are an outright winner bet which is rather self explanatory, or you could place an each way bet which is a two part bet requiring to stakes, one covers your selected player to win and the other will return a winning payout of a percentage of the win odds if your player finishes first or second that being the place element of such a bet.

Let us now give you an overview of the odds available on some of the fancies players and also give you an indication of which players are currently the outsiders and as such have some very high valued odds associated with them winning this event. Keep in mind over the years many players have won the Men’s Wimbledon event who have not been the favourite to win at the start of the tournament!

The two players who are current at the top of the betting markets both with win odds of 5/2 are Djokovic, Novak            and Murray, Andy and not far behind them in the betting markets is Roger Federer who is skipping the French Open this year who is currently available at odds of 3/1!

The betting odds do grow in value on all other entrants in this event and as such if you fancy betting on Raonic, Milos you will find odds currently available of 10/1. Nadal, Rafael and Kyrgios, Nick are both generally on offer at many Sportsbooks and betting sites at odds of 12/1.

At the other end of the betting markets you will find Sock, Jack, Querrey, Same, Kohlschreiber, Philipp, Pouille, Lucas, Lopez, Feliciano, and Monfils, Gael are currently the outsiders at odds of 100/1 and the man right at the bottom of the betting markets and is therefore the underdog to win this event it Paire, Benoit at odds of some 150/1!