In an article on the The Daily Mail today, Dr. Mike Shooter has had an excerpt of his new book released, and it is quite a harrowing read.

Going a little into the back story, he was speaking to one of his former trainees, who is now a respected and experienced psychologist, said that around 75% of the kids he sees are Autistic and/or have ADHD. This was met with Dr. Shooters horror, with him explicitly saying that Autism and ADHD do exist, but the numbers are too high. Whereas 25 years it was under diagnosed, and only those on the lower end of the spectrum were correctly diagnosed, now it’s the go to condition.

A bit like when I was a kid and everyone in my class bar me had asthma. The fact that all the parents smoked like trains indoors didn’t seem to occur to doctors that may be the issue.

These diagnoses come from a few factors. Lazy, or over stretched consultants, parents who NEED a diagnosis to negate their poor parenting choices, and teachers who want to use the kids as political pawns to up their funding.

Doctors, even experienced consultants are being intimidated by parents ‘because they need a mobility car complete with blue badge’ (seriously)! Or they ‘NEED little Timmy to have a specialist education’ at the cost of around £100,000 a year to the tax payer.

Then there are the teachers, usually in underfunded and deprived areas, who are trying to use their charges as pawns to get additional funding per child. This can be to either get better equipment, or to simply bring the school up to par with the league tables.

I have a theory, and it seems to be being proven right. The vast majority of cases seem to be in deprived areas where neither parent works, and no basic routine is in place, meaning that the child is allowed to become feral and discipline isn’t working because it isn’t enforced at home.

This is where things get more interesting though. The kids that are being diagnosed as having EDB (emotional behavioural difficulties) are then sucking other kids into behaving like they do, and the next thing you know, the poor teacher who has no authority in the classroom as a room of 30+ unruly kids that they can’t teach.

Also, in these deprived areas, it isn’t uncommon to see brand new cars (paid for by the tax payer), and the kids to all be in high end clothes and shoes, and as soon as that diagnosis is made, for it to be worn like some kind of badge of honour and lets the parents off the hook because they haven’t done the best job at raising their little darlings.

So yes, ladies and gents, Autism and ADHD do exist, but you can try and use it because of your shortcomings. They can be truly debilitating, and exceptionally cruel.

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.