It has been reported that E-Cigarettes, commonly called Vapers, actually contain more cancer causing substances than traditional cigarettes, including increased levels of carbon monoxide and various other chemicals which are unstable organic compounds.

It is also revealed that these vaping devices can contain over 80% more nicotine than a traditional cigarette, meaning you are taking in far more of the poisonous chemical every time you puff.

The smokeless cigarettes, created by Phillip Morris, America’s biggest tobacco company also didn’t fare well. These smokeless cigarettes vary from traditional e-cigs, as they use tobacco sticks with brands offering heat sticks, which doesn’t burn the tobacco, but mealy heats it to release the chemicals.

While E-Cigs use nicotine laced liquid, which creates a vapour which contains the same kind of chemicals a normal cigarette does.

There is also an argument saying that people will ‘smoke’ more using these devices, for unlike the traditional cigarette, where you smoke it down, and you have a visual that stimulates the brain letting it know you’ve had a cigarette, these don’t shrink in size, and many people are using them as a type of pacifier.

Though we know that smoking is bad for you, it is said by experts that these electronic cigarettes will never be as safe as smoking a conventional cigarette.

If you are one of the many people who have been considering giving up smoking and have considered using an e-cig as the way to help wean you off your smoking addiction, then maybe it is time for you to think again!

The best way for you to get fit and healthy will be to give up smoking all together, as that way you will not be inhaling the harmful chemicals in each cigarette you do smoke.

In some countries of the world you will find that your Doctor may be able to help you give up via a free Government backed scheme, so maybe it will be worth visiting your Doctor to discuss you giving up smoking if that is something you want to do, as there is a lot of help out there and available to help you give up smoking!

Remember, that the price of cigarettes is constantly increasing, and in fact in places such as the UK you will find a packet of 20 cigarettes are now at an all time high, so by giving up smoking you will be saving a fortune and will not be putting your health at great risk either!

  • E-cigarettes are battery powered synthetic fog toys available with nicotine and flavors. They lure children who never smoked tobacco into substance abuse to taste and smell flavors, with visual thrills from the fog, addict them to nicotine, and ultimately most of them start smoking tobacco also. Occupational safety authorities have known for decades that emissions from synthetic fog machines for theatrical performances and special effects are dangerous to inhale, and they electrically heat propylene glycol/glycerin the same way e-cigarettes do. Add to that the fact that e-cigarettes often inflict property damage (e.g. car fires), third degree burns and ballistic trauma when they explode; that they emit some of the same carcinogens and toxins in tobacco smoke; that they emit some toxins and carcinogens not even found in tobacco smoke (propylene oxide, chromium, glycidol), and enough is already known for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to block e-cigarette importation plus order e-cigarette recalls, and for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to regulate nicotine e-liquid in e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Without waiting for action by those agencies, local and state governments plus hospitals, universities and companies can protect employees and the public by making vaping e-cigarettes illegal everywhere smoking cigarettes is already outlawed in their jurisdictions. The wording of “E-cigarette: an evidence update. A report commissioned by Public Health England”, sometimes attributed to the Royal College of Physicians, that said that “best estimates show e-cigarette are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes” is flimsy, and their “95%” statistic turns out to be a feeble guess, not a real percentage based on mathematics using data or measurements. E-cigarette peddlers initially gave their customers and bystanders a false sense of safety by claiming that e-cigarette emissions are just water, but as laboratory evidence has proved that to be false they now claim that it is safer than tobacco smoke because there is no ‘tar’, however even without tobacco smoke the nicotine itself is dangerous because it damages arteries and is a powerful neurotoxin. Nicotine is so poisonous that synthetic analogs of it called neonicotinoids are used as pesticides. Inhaling nicotine by either vaping e-cigarettes or smoking tobacco is like huffing bug spray. Finally, most people who vape e-cigarettes continue to smoke cigarettes anyway, resorting to e-cigs only when they are in places where smoking tobacco is not allowed. E-cigarettes are bogus harm reduction and a smoking cessation hoax.

  • Joe Simunaci

    This is the most inaccurate, fact-free opinion piece I have seen regarding vaping. It makes me wonder if the author is actually on the side of cigarette manufacturers.