Caprice has revealed that she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor when appearing on The Jump. It was only the size of a thumb, however, it has been surgically removed and hopefully the model will make a full recovery and never have a recurring tumor.

The beauties main concern was for her sons, whom she dotes on completely. It is expected that she will make a full recovery, and that although traumatic, is unlikely to re-occur.

It is not properly known how she found out about her tumour, however, the rigorous and sometimes painful winter sports TV show does see a lot of contestants knocking their heads and concussing themselves.

She complained of headaches that wouldn’t go away and of blurred vision which made the production team implore her to see their doctor.

Caprice suffered other injuries, including fractured ribs, and, ironically bruised breasts, her most famous asset given that she shot to stardom for modelling Wonderbra in the mid 1990’s.

We always try to give medical advice in our news, and we insist that you get yourself checked out regularly, or if something is worrying you then to speak to your GP.

Brain Tumors are silent killers, and as we can’t see inside your head,  they often go un noticed, however, if you have persistent headaches, nose bleeds or suddenly blurred vision, please speak to your GP or optician. 9/10 times it’s nothing more than a minor ailment, usually associated with stress, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Not to mention your doctor will appreciate you going in sooner than later to get checked on as that 15 minute appointment once a year to check you’re fighting fit will save them valuable minutes that could be used on a patient that needs it more than you.

If you are concerned about anything, or know someone who is going through treatment for a Brain Tumor, you can always get in touch with the leading cancer charities, and they will point you in the right direction, usually giving you names and numbers of their own contacts in your local Cancer wards.

Should all else fail, speak to an alternative General Practitioner, or go to your nearest A&E and demand tests be done. You know your body better than anyone else, and as such, if something doesn’t feel quite right, get it looked at.

Being responsible with her health, Caprice has managed to not only save herself a load of suffering and the having to go through extensive cancer therapies, but has also managed to free up space within the NHS simply by making sure her body is in good shape and only going for checkups as oppose to staggering in with every cough, cold and sniffle she has, and only consulting medical advice when absolutely necessary or if she’s missing a limb.

The jump has been controversial for making people endure broken limbs, over working the contestants and its low pay for the contestants/victims. Aired since 2014, there have been sprains, broken bones, slipped disks and more concussions than a Stephen King novel.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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