An unnamed, ungendered, non EU-Citizen has managed to rack up and astonishing £532,000 bill after visiting University Hospital, Manchester. The astonishing fee is inconsistent however, because there is only one drug in the world that would come close to this amount, which is Soliris, which tallies up per patient at £330,000 per year.

Essentially this amount is nearly 2 years supply (or 18 months to be more accurate) of this. Something which wouldn’t so readily be prescribed. Also, the average cost of HAART on the NHS for a lifetime is nowhere near this amount. So what exactly have they had done to tally up such an alarming bill?

Gender Reassignment costs just under £5000 per patient, while Cancer treatment can be anywhere from £4000 up to $80000 if you decide to go private in the US.

So the figure doesn’t stack up, unless they literally went through the menu of every service that the NHS offers. Furthermore this debt will not be paid back. It’s time to Vet people coming into the country, no matter where they’re from and ensure they have all of their insurance documents and that they’re valid, that they have money, and that they aren’t simply here for a free lunch.

In Spain, and every other country in the EU, if you don’t have a valid EU insurance card, they’ll bill you. They’ll treat you, but you will have to pay. Whereas the UK, you get women coming from all over 2 weeks before they’re due to give birth to simply milk the NHS and allow them to have their baby in a better environment than their homeland, and they don’t even have to pay for it.

When the NHS was set up 70 years ago, it was free at the point of service, meaning that you could show up, and you would be treated, but unfortunately, the cat’s out of the bag, and every Tom, Dick and Harry is queuing up at the airport to get a slice.

Unfortunately, this simply can’t go on. The NHS is at breaking point, and as the saying goes, charity starts at home, and there are more and more people suffering in silence because they don’t want to be a burden. Yet the health tourists literally think it’s perfectly OK to saunter in and demand treatment for even the most simple of ailments.

Granted, someone having a heart attack is a little different, but seriously, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to put 2 and 2 together when he sees a heavily pregnant woman at border control who looks like she’s about to pop any second, that the first place she’s going is the hospital.

It also doesn’t take a doctor to see that someone with an oxygen tank will most likely during their stay need the services of the NHS.

We need to stop letting people abuse the NHS, and that includes Brits too, because otherwise, the ship is going to sink.