Eating Disorders

I’ve been doing my usual Youtube browsing, you know, it’s like going on Wikipedia, you start reading one article, and by the time you’re at the bottom of the page you have 1001 tabs open directing to related pages.

Anyway, I remember watching a TV series following the staff and patients at a clinic that specialises in eating disorders, I can’t remember the name but I do remember some of the draconian methods they adopted. So, what I’m thinking is cutting the patients a little bit of slack.

Most eating disorders involve either starving yourself, or binge and purge. This isn’t a healthy relationship with food, but also, using food as a weapon isn’t going to help either.

I remember one scene, and a girl was near as damn it being force fed a cheese sandwich. However, this got me thinking, what, if like me, she actually isn’t a huge fan of cheese sandwiches. How about giving her something that SHE wanted that was of a similar (or higher) fat content.

I don’t like cheese sandwiches, but I love cheese on toast with brown sauce. Or pizza toast (toast one side of bread, flip, pop a generous amount of tomato puree on, some cheese, onions and pepperoni, add a little more cheese and sliced tomato and grill until cooked).

I understand that in the extreme cases, food does have to be part of the punishment, but allowing someone to ‘choose their torture’, so to speak isn’t a bad idea. If they like the food they have to eat, they’re less likely to want to purge it or resent it.

Yes, I will eat a cheese and onion sandwich, but I’d much rather the cheese on toast, or better still, a good quality chicken liver parfait on heavily toasted baguette.

I am underweight and I admit that I do have a form of eating disorder, but I’m certainly nowhere near as bad as some of the people I have seen on youtube, who are so pasty and thin, they look like their bones could break under the sheer weight of their own body.

Also, something I noticed about what I saw, was that in the psychotherapy sessions, they were discussing body image only, and not the importance of eating well, and that you can still be slim, but eat well. They were using the likes of Victoria Beckham as examples, but weren’t explaining that Victoria Beckham actually has a very good diet.

They weren’t explaining that our bodies are machines, and without fuel, the machine won’t run.

Maybe if we spent more time listening to the patients, we’d have an easier time of treating them.

I hate fried foods (except chips, they are my weakness), so trying to get me to shovel down deep fried sausages, bacon, fried eggs, hash browns Beans and Toast, you’ve got another thing coming. Grill it, and poach the eggs, and you may have a different matter on your hands.