We’ve known for years that exercise releases endorphins, and these help combat stress, but regular exercise could help your memory too.

Researchers have found the stress boosting chemicals your body releases when stressed could help you retain information easier. What happens is when we are under prolonged or high amounts of stress, is the chemicals in the brain don’t quite work as well as they could, meaning that you are less able to absorb things.

This could also be a very good reason to get kids doing a morning jog every day in school, not only is it good for them, but it will help improve learning and behaviour when in school  which is always a good thing.

It’s also good because running, jogging and walking cost absolutely nothing, yet, for those who decide to, a gym membership or home gym may be a good idea too, as long as you actually do use it.

It also makes sense that now, a lot of companies have staff gyms on site and have noticed an increase in productivity as the staff are able to let off steam without resorting to smoking or sneaking off for a liquid lunch at the pub down the road.

Increased productivity in a company increases profits, and increased profits makes for a very happy boss.

Exercise is also a good way for you to increase your stamina, strength, flexibility and resistance. It could also be the health kick you need to ditch the booze and the smoking, cutting out the kebabs every night and the other bad habits everyone who works in an office picks up.

If you’re ever in doubt about exercise, for example overdoing it, or you have health concerns such as heart problems, speak to your GP and a personal trainer who will only be too happy to help and give you advice.

There is another benefit to exercising regularly and that is you will have more energy, and coupled with giving up your vices, you’ll find your mood lifts, your head is clearer, your skin will improve and you’ll also find that when you sleep, you sleep far longer in REM as oppose to flitting between light and deep sleep every hour or so.

Improving your diet is also never something to scoff at, and good quality meals will help you out greatly, with a diet consisting of a balance of fat, carbs, protein, fibre and a small amount of sugar. You could technically pull yourself back from the brink of diabetes, which is something that no one wants, especially as it can involve 5 or more insulin injections a day.

So if you’re feeling you’re struggling at work, or are struggling to retain information, take a look at your lifestyle, diet and exercise regime. It could be there where the answers lie, and really could help you improve your performance in work and save a load of money too! Just check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.