Measles Outbreak At Disneyland Responsible For 52 Cases

On Wednesday, the California health officials gave dire news that the state has already reported 79 confirmed measles cases. The California Department of Public Health website further said that of all the 79 cases, 52 have been linked to the measles outbreak that was seen at Disneyland. 4 confirmed cases of measles has been seen at Riverside County, where a school – Desert Sands Unified School District have explicitly told 66 student that they have to stay at home because they are not vaccinated for measles or can’t show proof. 1 student of Palm Desert High School is suspected of having had measles. Though the student has been cleared, it is yet to be confirmed whether the student had measles or not.

Outside Of California Sees 16 Cases Linked To Disneyland

Even if none of the 66 students have shown any signs that they are suffering from measles, they will have to stay at home for the time being. They can only return to school after 9th February. As the spokeswoman for the school district, Mary Perry said, “They are going to be asked to stay home until the incubation period for contagion is complete.” On the other hands, 16 cases that have been linked to Disneyland have been reported outside California. There are 7 in Arizona, 3 in Utah, 2 in Washington, 1 in Colorado, 1 in Oregon, 1 in Nebraska and 1 in Mexico.

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Issued An Alert

An alert has been issued by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention against measles.  The symptoms of the infection are fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and sore throat. Anyone who has come in contact with a measles patient has been told to isolate themselves for 21 days if they are not vaccinated.