I read a disturbing article recently about how more and more girls, some as young as 10 are turning to self harm, or ‘cutting’ as it’s trendily known amongst ‘cutters’, it’s a strange phenomenon, in which the victims is driven to such despair they feel they have to harm themselves as a method of release.

MadTV, years ago, did a skit about Tickle me Emo, and yes, it was pretty funny because it made light of this endemic while also highlighting and bringing to the forefront of our minds what teenagers go through, and kids seem to have a lot of angst. Pressure from friends, stresses at school, sexuality, feeling they don’t belong. Think about it, would you want to go through that again?

Self harming can be seen as 2 things, a cry for help, or in the final pits of despair. So why are doctors failing to notice this, and why are kids feeling so worthless they feel the need to do this. And before anyone blames Emo-rock bands like My Chemical Romance, they write songs, not subliminal messages. That’s like blaming films on events. Just because I watched gory horror films doesn’t mean I’m a rampaging serial killer.

We all know that mental health can lead to a plethora of unwanted situations for any relative or friend of those afflicted, but us untrained in the art of mental health or Legilimency (shout out to all you Harry Potter fans!), we can’t read the mind, we can’t take tit bits of information the victim gives us and diagnose the issue, all we can do is support and reassure the person in question.

But why is so little being done? The media don’t help, stick thin models photoshopped to within an inch of their lives, blokes who have perfect abs and pecs. These and all clever tricks of the light, makeup, photoshop and genetics. We can’t all be god’s gift to the world, and we shouldn’t aspire to be either.

We need our youngsters to be comfortable and content in their skin, to focus on their studies and to become the best person they can possibly be. We don’t need a real life version of Mean Girls, or Freak Show. We need to nip in the bud the root cause of these issues, and if that means going to therapy or having a course of antidepressants, so be it.

As adults, we have to deal with this monster head on, and that means tough love. Dragging them kicking and screaming if required to therapists and psychologists to find the root cause of their distress.

On another note, mental health does exist, but the Mass Shooting that happened on Valentines day, the shooters lawyers claimed that he is just an Autistic boy. I call BS! Using mental health to try and play down the horrific, heinous act that he committed is an insult to those who have any form of mental condition. And that is just not on.