A morning sickness pill endorsed by reality star Kim Kardashian has been found to increase the risk of birth defects. As many as one in ten women suffer from the symptoms of morning sickness during early pregnancy stages.

Currently, Diclegis is the only drug approved on the market to treat what can be a dehabiliating condition when women are trying to get on with their day to day lives, including going to work.

Ms Kardashian, married to rapper Kanye West, posted about the drug on Instagram while pregant with her second child Saint West. She said: “OMG. Have you guys heard about this? As you know my #morningsickness has been pretty bad.┬áSo I talked to my doctor. He prescribed me #Diclegis. I felt a lot better and most importantly, there was no increased risk to the baby.”

However, she immediately came under fire from the FDA for not talking about the side effects. Now a new study has unearthed new evidence about dangerous side effects.

Taken by millions of women


According to a new paper, the original Seventies trial, which led to the drug being approved, was flawed. Called Diclegis in America and marketed as Diclectin in Canada, the drug has been taken by millions of women over the past four decades.

The new research looked at data from the old trial, finding little evidence that the drug was effective. The medicine was sold as far back as the Fifties, with an additional incredient under the trade name of Bendectin.

However, manufacturers were hit by a series of lawsuits over claims the drug was connected with birth defects. The drug was withdrawn from the US in 1983. Now Dr Navindra Persaud, a researcher at St Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto in Canada, advised women to stop taking the drug and speak to their doctors about other options for the treatment of their morning sickness.




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