What would you do if I told you Eggs, Flour, Milk, Sugar, even tap water was going to give you cancer?

You’d probably scoff, roll your eyes and say ‘Yeah, right’. But this is what we are being told off the Veganazi’s. It’s all well and good that vegans wish to eat a plant based diet (more of us should really be eating more Greens, and not members of the political party). We should at least be attempting to cut back on salty, processed foods for the good of our health. B

ut it’s our diet, our choice. If someone wants to gorge on half a cow a day, so be it, just try and add some broccoli to the mix so you’re getting at least one portion of veg a day!

The vegetarians, although of sounder persuasions often slightly push their diet on others, usually subconsciously, for example they’ll cook dinner for friends without even thinking that they are meat and fish eaters.

Though, a lot of veggie foods are actually tastier than the meat versions when cooked well. Vegans on the other hand will show you pictures of slaughtered cows while you’re trying to tuck into a Beef and Horseradish sandwich while marching round the office with a placard screaming ‘Meat is Murder’, ‘Cow causes Cancer’ and ‘Eggs are the Unborn’.

Firstly, there is no health benefit to a strictly vegan diet. Or as some call it, ‘Clean Eating’. It’s simply a fancy way of naming bulimia. We should all try to cut out meat a couple of days a week, replacing it with either fish or going completely veggie or vegan, but long term, day in, day out, the only thing you are going to achieve is constipation, diarrhoea, a dangerous lack of key vitamins and drastic weight loss.

Ideally, your diet should alternate, Meat, Fish, Meat, Veggie, Fish, Meat, Vegan. Obviously you can mix and match your days and menus to suit your lifestyle accordingly. But the general rule is simple, everything in moderation.

Your vegan day (hence why Sunday is usually a good day for it), is a sort of cleanse. Not a detox, but the increased fibre and roughage will promote your body to clear out. Again, this is an ideal thing to do just after New Year when you’ve over indulged on anything and everything over Christmas. It basically helps you feel less sluggish and lethargic while also getting rid of anything lurking in your system. For the first time ever, the vegan diet is good for something, just in moderation.

Vegans seem to have been able to hijack everything, and have gotten so political they are more like politicians, not modern day hippies. You don’t see vegetarians actively pushing their agenda; you don’t see meat eaters pushing theirs. Why do Vegans think they are so bloody special and important! If I want to eat a steak that’s so rare a good first aider could bring it back to life, I will, as is my God given right.

So sorry Vegans, your scaremongering hasn’t worked, now do yourselves a favour, put the placard down and grab a bacon sandwich.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.