OC actress Mischa Barton has been taken to hospital after worried neighbours found her partly dressed and shouting over her backyard fence.

The 31 year old agreed voluntarily to go to hospital for a mental health evaluation after she was found talking about the world shattering, and that her mother was a witch, while wearing only a shirt and tie.

Crews from police and the fire department rushed to the house after being called after a “jumper of possible overdose”. The actress has suffered from mental health issues in the past. In 2009, she was involuntarily sanctioned for two weeks, under laws which allow a person to be detained if they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or other people. At the time, she said that she ended up fighting with nurses because they were trying to inject her and she is scared of needles.

Difficult relationship

Ms Barton has also previously had a rocky relationship with her mother Nuala. In 2015, she took her mother to court, over accusations that she was defrauding her by taking her money. And, last year, she said her mother was deliberately delaying the sale of a $7m mansion they own together in Beverly Hills.

Ms Barton claims that her mother gave herself part ownership of the Tuscan-style property without her knowledge or permission. She also accused her mom of taking out huge loans against the property and kicking Ms Barton out. The case was settled, under the condition that the home is sold.

Ms Barton, who is best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the OC, said that her mother had lied about the salary she was paid, and had not paid her the full amount she received, while she was acting as her manager. However, her mother said those claims were nonsense.


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