Prostate Cancer has over taken breast cancer in its mortality rate, as it’s revealed that 11,800 men a year, or one every 45 minutes die from the disease, yet there is still very little known about the ‘male’ cancers.

Naturally, all cancers are important, be that cervical, breast, testicular or prostate, but it seems very cruel that so little funding and so little time and resources are poured into the male side of things in comparison to women’s.

Prostate cancer receives less than half the funding of Breast cancer, yet, breast cancer is far better understood than any other cancer. This means that thousands of men’s lives are being put at risk every year.

Prostate cancers research is 10, if not even 20 years behind breast cancer, and that is a serious let down. While all other cancers receive great funding and research, prostate cancer, now the 3rd biggest killer, only behind Lung and Bowel cancer.

Survival rates for most cancers are pretty good, and with the correct care and treatment the cancer rarely returns, however, the mortality rate of Prostate cancer is huge. It’s a terrible disease and a terrible thing to witness for anyone, but it’s time that the funding was distributed slightly more fairly. Namely because in the interests of everyone, no one wants to witness someone go through such a cruel and degrading illness, and to watch someone fight like a dog day and night just to clutch to the final few straws of life.

The NHS needs to redistribute its funds and ignore its targets. This isn’t a game of point scoring this is people’s lives, and the people that love them.

Ditch the targets and numbers, and look at the situation in black and white. We’ve gone nearly as far as we can in regards to Breast Cancer, for now until new medical breakthroughs are made. Why not start looking at the other cancers, or do the men no longer matter? Are we disposable once used like a cheap pair of socks?

Men are just as important as women, however, we seem to have the least spent on us when it comes to our health, or we’re told to simply ‘man up’. It’s this kind of attitude that makes men more likely to die before women, because we are brainwashed into the mindset that unless something is practically hanging off, we should just grin and bear it. In actual fact, men are a lot more fragile than people think, and this constant macho bravado people expect of us makes us more vulnerable to serious illness because we’re conditioned to have pride to the point of arrogance.

Women always complain about going for a Smear test. Well I’m sorry girls but the prostate exam is hardly the most amazing thing in the world. We have to go through the same indignation as you, and in some ways it can be even worse.