Like most people, it is difficult to discover health issues until the situation gets worst. And most of the time, it is too late. Sometimes, it can be small signs like an annoying shot of pain every so often. Or, it can be very painful shots of pain that we purposely choose to ignore. For some reason, most people like to wait until they have to get prescribed a drug or completely change their lifestyle, versus preventing the health issue from ever getting to that point.

What is even scarier is that an issue can be a spot on your body that you never feel, but you see. It can be small issues, like developing a bump on one’s eyelid or even a line that is found on your fingernail. This can be the beginning signs of future health problems that may be life-threatening. But, how would you know?


If you notice any dark lines that appear on the bed of your nails, there is a possibility of having skin cancer. The lines normally have brown, black or yellowish color. This is a sign of cell damage, which can come from melanoma, which is the most deadly type of skin cancer. The rate of women dying has been rapidly increasing for women, which is dangerous and scary. But, don’t let fear place you in a hole and you never come out. By having early detection, you can have a great chance of curing the cancer with proper treatment.

The Blood Flow

Keep an eye on your vaginal bleeding. Although a lot women blame stress for their irregular bleeding, there is also the possibility of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or cervical cancer. Cervical cancer can start attacking other tissue, which causes women to bleed after menopause, in between periods, or after sex. It is recommended that you schedule an appointment with your gynecologist.