This is a really strange one. As humans, we are the only species to have sex for the sake of having sex and to gain pleasure. You only have to look up someone on Google and there’s a Kardashian type video somewhere.

So a mother who’s autistic son had been left shattered by the cruelties of others, including one ‘lady’ who took him to a party so her and her friends could make him the butt of all jokes all night, tried to hire her son a prostitute.

She didn’t really do it too well, as she literally went kerb crawling. That is a big no no, especially when you don’t know if the ladies of the night are clean, drug free or are just on the bones of their back side. A look in her local personals would have secured her a more safe experience.

But, as with most parents of autistic children, she was between a rock and a hard place. The gentleman in question is a tall, handsome, healthy young man with a grin that could illuminate a city. His only issue, is that his mind works in mysterious ways. He has quirks, tendencies, routines and set in stone methods of how things should be done.

His mother never actually got him a hooker. But a few weeks later, he had a girlfriend who appreciated his quirks and unique view on the world, and yes, they have had sex.

Part of the human make up, is that men and women want to have sex, we do it because we enjoy it.

However, to reach your late 20s and still be a virgin, is somewhat late. The average teen loses their virginity at 13, some even younger.

So I question, when these situations arise, and they are more common than you think, would employing a sex worker work?

On the plus side, sex, orgasm and physical contact release endorphins, the fell happy hormone.

Sex also makes the body work (a 20 minute session can be as effective as a 2 hour gym session).

The 20 minute – an hour ‘cool off’ where you have a drink, cigarette or a nap gives a different intimacy that nothing can replace.

The cons however-

They could be an addict or thief

They could be HIV+

They could be mentally troubled

We never know, but one thing I am pretty certain of, is that due to our sexual nature, sex could actually be a therapy. Never mind talking about how next door but ones cat keeps coming in and pooping on your carpet. The physical act of sex is a strange but powerful thing that keeps endorphins racing long after you’ve gone to sleep, and long after your partner has.

More research needs doing, but it seems a lot of male mental health stems from lack of sex, and being emotionally, physically and mentally beaten with no remorse. Sorry ladies, but if you bite us enough, like a great big cuddly dog, we will eventually bite back.