As we get older, it is a common fact our body produces less melanin. This includes our hair and skin. Skin is a little easier to work with, simply expose yourself to some sun (RESPONSIBLY!)

Hair is a little more difficult, as the hair once it loses its natural colour, it is not going to come back, and the only way you can achieve a colour with hair, is to actually put a colour into it.

Also, many people have noticed that their new white hairs are somewhat fly away, and that can be caused because white hair can be very thick and coarse, or it’s lost weight with the lack of melanin that was once in the hair.

Not to fear. Especially for the guys. There are several options available to you.

Semi Permanent Colour

Semi colour is a nourishing treatment that makes hair glossy, and blends with white hair, making it less noticeable that the hair has been coloured, and it will gradually fade into a more natural looking loss of pigment that can be topped up when needed. These colours are also highly popular with people that don’t want to go whole hog and commit to a permanent colour that won’t fade, and will only be gone after it’s been cut out.

Permanent Colour

For those looking for a more long lasting solution, Permanent colour is the way to go. These colours penetrate deep into the hair shaft and unlike Semi Permanent will not fade and as such will only really need topping up when your re-growth is visible (once every 4 – 6 weeks). They are heavier than Semi Colours, and can also make fine hair thicker as when the colour is deposited in the hair it plumps up and once the cuticle is sealed with conditioner, it is trapped. Perfect if you have coarse, yet fine hair that could do with a little bit of help muscling it into submission.


There are 2 types of gloss treatment. Surface (daily treatments) that you can do in the shower and penetrative Gloss Treatments that a stylist will do for you once every 4 – 6 weeks. Permanent gloss works in the same way as Semi Permanent colours, the same chemicals, the mixing ratio and the same development, however, they don’t contain any pigment at all, just the chemicals which add the shine.

These are pretty popular with men who aren’t too fussed about having a few silvers, but wish they’d not stick out at strange angles. This is also popular with ladies who have come to love their platinum hair.

If you decide to go with a daily gloss treatment, make sure it’s for your hair type, for using an oil heavy treatment on greasy hair, will only make it greasier, while using a citrus based treatment on dry hair will make you look like a scarecrow!

Decide as you choose, though if you do decide on a chemical service, be sure to have it done by a salon or professional, and not be tempted to do it yourself, because home hair disasters can be devastating.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.