The past 5 years or more has included the debate of legalizing what was once recreational and eventually became illegal. We fast forward to 2016 voting and notice that marijuana is slowly creeping from behind the rock. As it peeks its head out and take a look, every so often, more and more people are becoming more accepting of the “entertaining” plant.

This was displayed on Tuesday evening, where voters in various states (Massachusetts, Nevada, and California) approved the recreational use of marijuana. This has been the biggest victory for the plant, since 2012. Along with the recreational marijuana initiatives, there were other states that passed medical marijuana provisions. In 2012, Colorado and Washington were the first to approve the recreational use of marijuana.

When it comes to medical use, medical marijuana initiatives were approved in North Dakota, Arkansas, and Florida. The restrictions for a medical marijuana law in Montana was rolled back by voters. One excited reformer, Ethan Nadelmann had this to say, “This represents a monumental victory for the marijuana reform movement. With California’s leadership now, the end of marijuana prohibition, nationally and even internationally is fast approaching.”

Weed for Everyone

There were also marijuana legalization initiatives ballots in five additional states. California plays an important role in the marijuana reform throughout the country. The state makes up 12% of the entire country, which has a major impact on the marijuana industry. By adopting the legal marijuana, California could make the federal authorities reconsider the prohibition law that has been placed on marijuana for decades.

Although the victories for marijuana is a great sign, some question another victory that took place. Donald Trump was awarded ruler of the White House. The new role has some questioning the fate of everything that has been accomplished with the marijuana reform. Under Obama’s leadership, the government used a hands-off approach on dealing with the matter. It remains to be seen what President Trump will do.