While coconut water was one of the biggest health fads of 2016, next year, it is set to be overtaken by cactus juice, according to health experts’ predictions for 2017. Here are the new trends set to take off next year, which promise to help you lose weight, improve digestion and lower cholesterol levels.


Already, those in the know have referred to jackfruit as pulled pork for vegetarians. And, by the end of 2017, even devoted carnivores will be turned on to the health benefits of jackfruit. It is a good source of vitamic C, as well as being good for blood circulation, and having anti-inflammatory properties which can help to fight weight gain.

Cactus water

While the recent trend is all about coconut water, nutritionists believe that cactus water will be the biggest fad during 2017. Cactus plant water is understood to help lower cholesterol, and can even combat hangovers. Because it is high in fibre and low in calories, it can also make you feel full, meaning that it can be useful for dieters. Another plant water, birch sap, is also set to be popular because it contains lots of natural minerals and high levels of antioxidants.

Poke bowls

While Asian food has long been popular for its health giving properties, Hawaiin poke bowls are due to be the in thing next year. These low-calorie, raw fish salads have already made it to a number of eateries in Los Angeles and are due to be popular across the rest of the US and the UK. They combine raw fish with fresh greens, and are super convenient for a healthy lunchtime option.


While the deep fried seaweed from takeaways may not be healthy, included in a soup or stir fry and it makes a nutritious, versatile ingredient which is rich in iron and calcium. According to nutritionists, a small portion has the same amount of fibre as eating a banana.

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