This weekend is one of the most dreaded times of the year for Waiters, Bar staff, retail staff. In fact, anyone that works in any industry where working with the public is unavoidable. Tensions are running high, people are panicking over last minute preparations, and too much booze is consumed. So it comes as no surprise most people dread this time of year.

However, we do have some advice to those of you who will be enjoying the holiday season festivities.

Don’t Click, summon or wave money around

This is the most irritating thing a bar tender and waiter can endure. They are busy, and like everyone else in the world, you have to wait your turn. Waving a 20 quid note about like an American with a flag is only going to get you served slower. Also, if you are being ignored, or overlooked, a simple ‘Excuse me’ is more than enough to let them know you need something.

Jumping the queue

This is simply put, not cool, you’re not a celebrity, and you’re not royalty. Wait in line.

Buying drinks one at a time

If you’re in a group, go to the bar and order all of your drinks together. Don’t keep coming and going to the bar for each individual order. If you really have to, write it down and either rhyme of the drinks 2 or 3 at a time, or simply hand the bar person the list. This will make life easier for everyone.

Hogging the Bar

It’s fine to be a bar fly most of the time. But during exceptionally busy times, hogging the bar just clogs up the system and slows service down for all involved. Get your drinks, and move away from the bar.

Ridiculously hard drinks

Seriously, do you really need a mocha infused martini on ice with extra olives? Will a simple Vodka and Coke not suffice. Seriously, it’s not big, it’s not clever, and it takes an age to make and the server will be secretly cursing you.


If the server who served you did a good job, tip them accordingly. If the service wasn’t too good, don’t tip.

Be polite

Manners Maketh Man. This is a sure fire way to get served quicker. You don’t have to be a stud or a temptress, a simple please, thank you and a smile go a long way and also ensure that the member of staff serving you knows you are treating them as an equal, not a slave.

Ordering Coffee

In a bar, if you do insist on having a coffee, order the most basic kind you can. Workers in coffee shops the world over detest when people order Organic breast milk frappe lattes with a double shot of Vegan dark chocolate and whipped cream for good measure.

Don’t get too drunk

Bar staff are there to get you drunk, this is true, but they are not there to get you so intoxicated you can barely stand.

Don’t Fight

Alcohol can cause people to become aggressive, don’t fight, it’s not cool.

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.