It’s that time of year again, the spring clean. A time for us to literally ditch all the clutter and crap we accumulate and start again with a fresh approach to things. But did you also know that it is good for your mental health not to hoard.

Let’s start off with by going through the rooms. It’s best to be methodical when de-cluttering and organising.

Lounge – The most used room in the house. This is the place where the clutter bomb usually detonates. We store everything from DVD’s to books in this room. If you have tonnes of DVD’s take them out, ditch the ones you don’t want, and try to reorganise them in a methodical way. Maybe by Genre, or if you’re feeling really OCD, Alphabetically. The same goes for books. My parents have essentially a small library in the Hallway leading into the house, and although it’s long overdue a tidy, generally they are organised by Genre and Sets of books (Harry Potter for example) are all kept together.

Kitchen – We all have the Cupboard fairy, that magical being that seems to push everything to the back of the cupboard to be forgotten. Take everything out, chuck out anything that’s out of date, clean them and put everything back. Sticking Spice Racks on the back of the cupboard door is a good way to store a myriad of smaller items. Spices (of course) packets of cuppa soup, stock cubes. Use your imagination. Also, airtight containers are your friend for storing dried things like rice and pasta so you can conveniently find them. If you have chipped, mismatched crockery, just chuck them out and get a matching set, the same goes for cutlery.

Bathroom – Does your bathroom resemble something like a Frat House after a party? Ruthlessly go through everything, chucking stuff out that isn’t of use. Also, get a small bin in there. Use your bathroom cabinet to hide away things like toothbrushes, razors etc. Simply put them in separate plastic glasses to save on space.

Bedroom – The bedroom isn’t really that used, but one thing I can tell you about teenage bedrooms is they are seldom tidy. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them a helping hand to give them a head start in keeping it neat. Arrange things by using storage boxes, for example all the PS4 games in one box, all the XBOX games in another, controllers and cables for each console in their own boxes next to the consoles etc.

When it comes to girls, the bane of every parent’s life is make-up. It’s impossible to get out of the carpet! That said there is a cheap solution to this. Simply give her a roll of large bin liners. When she’s doing her makeup, nails, whatever, lay one down where she’s applying her makeup, and any spills can be thrown in the bin.

On a final note, people don’t use their walls enough. Invest in some decent wall mounted shelves and you’ll be amazed just how much wasted space you have.