If you are soon to jet off on holiday then it is always advisable for you to ensure you have adequate travel insurance, no matter where it is you are going. However, sadly for many people the cost of purchasing such insurance is way too much for them to factor into their holiday budget and they will set off on their trip without any cover in place what so ever.

Anyone who lives in Europe and is planning on travelling to another part of the EU will often make use of the free EHIC card, which allows them to get medical treatment when in any European country with that card at no cost, however there is much more than medical emergencies that you could experience when aboard.

Flight delays throughout the summer months are commonplace, and with flights often delayed for many, many hours or even in some circumstances cancelled, you will need to ask yourself just what you will do if you get stranded at either your initial airport or at your destination airport if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Many airlines will of course payout compensation if your flight is delayed by a certain number of hours or is cancelled, and if you are abroad and experience a long flight delay the airline, if it is flying to or from a European country is by law required to give you food and drink vouchers and possibly overnight accommodation if your flight is delayed for a long period of time or even cancelled.

However, if you lose your passport for example or are victim to a crime and lose your possessions then unless you have full travel insurance then you will have to suffer those losses.

With all of the above in mind you really should ensure you have full and adequate travel insurance in place, and it is not necessarily going to be an expensive thing to do, for by shopping around you will find you can get a week or two’s worth of travel insurance for any country you may be visiting for a relatively small financial outlay.

What you will be best advised doing is to work out just what type of travel insurance you need, taking into account where you are going and what you plan taking with you and also what you plan on doing on holiday and then visiting a price comparison website.

By doing so you will be able to enter into such websites all of the things you require form your travel insurance and the website will then preset you with a range of different policies form a range of different companies, and will list them in such a way you can them pick out the one that suits your pocket the best.

Failure to go away on holiday or any trip abroad without full insurance in place could turn out to be a very expensive decision, so please always do ensure you have at least the minimum of cover just in case anything does happen whilst you are away!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.