11 Elderly Residents Hospitalized Due To Fire

On Sunday, a massive fire broke out in an apartment building of Wedgwood Apartments, in the San Antonio suburb of Castle Hills. The fire was so destructive that 5 people died and 11 others had to be hospitalized, all reported to bein a serious condition. Of them, one is critical,according to Laura Jesse, Spokesperson for the Bexar County Fire Marshall. The affected apartment was used for housing senior andelderly citizens in the area.

150 Firefighters Engaged To Control Fire

Other than those dead and hospitalized, 150 other residents of the apartment – which is 11 storiestall – were taken to a nearby local high school. They were transported through buses. Of the 150 taken there, 100 went on to stay there through the afternoon. The enormity of the fire forced the fire department to engage the services of 150 firefighters to help douse the blaze. Other than the San Antonio fire department, 6 other fire departments also responded to the blaze. According to San Antonio Fire Department spokesman Christian Bove, the blaze was first reported at around 6 a.m. The fire was a three-alarm one, and may have originated on the 3rd floor. The reason for the fireis yet to be ascertained. It has alsodonesome “significant damage” to the property.

All 216 Residents Not Accounted For Yet

There is still cause for concern and worry because all of the 216 residents living in the apartment have not been accounted for as of yet. The latest fire is one the biggest one seen since afire at Our Lady of the Lake Universityin 2008. However, there were no injuries or casualties in that fire.