Today is known as Frantic Friday, this is the last working day of the week before Christmas, and millions of people the world over will be finally escaping from their work life for the festive period.

The road and rail networks in many countries of the world are expected to be stretched to bursting point today, and when you factor into the equation that many people still haven’t done their Christmas shopping, you have the recipe for travel chaos around the world!

It is a well now fact that many people, usually men, will leave it to the very last minute to finally go out and get their Christmas shopping done, and I have to admit I am one of those men.

I do quite enjoy leaving my Christmas shopping to the last minute, for I finally get into the festive spirit when doing so! However, most shops and retail outlets are of course basing their financial futures on whether they do well or not over December in regards to their sales, and I would expect some retailers to go bust next year, as online shopping is being embraced by a lot of people.

Take for example Toys R Us, they were at risk of going into receivership just a day or so ago, due to a hole in their pension fund, however that has now been sorted out and thanks to a last minute reprieve they are still in business and are expected to be so for the foreseeable future, however they are planning on closing a lot of their retail outlets soon.

If you have yet to go out and do your Christmas shopping, and are going to leave it to the very last minute, then there may be a few financial benefits for actually haggling over the price of the things you are going to be buying.

As many shops are going to be holding sales after Christmas Day and into the New Year, if you are one of the last shoppers through their doors some retailers may be prepared to offer you a discount to fill up their tills even more!

That will certainly be the case on perishable items, and it is common for many shops to reduce the price on all of their perishable items in the last few hours of trading before Christmas Day, so there are some bargains to be had out there for sure, if you do shop around and are prepared to haggle!