A woman who named and shamed 3 girls on social media for playing an exceptionally cruel prank on a homeless man has be receiving death threats for calling them out for their cruel and despicable actions.

Sally Cundmore was sat in her local Nando’s enjoying dinner when 3 girls walked in and sat a homeless man down at a nearby table under the pretence that the girls would by him a meal. Something that would have been a very nice gesture.

The girls went to the counter, and a couple of minutes later, they ran out of the restaurant in fits of laughter, disturbing other diners and humiliating the man. To then add insult to injury, they started to film him from outside the shop. After the man apologized to staff and patrons, he himself ran out, and the girls continued to follow and record him on their mobile phones and one of the girls threw something at him while his back was turned.

Eventually, Ms. Cudmore found the man in question and paid for his dinner.

Unfortunately, you can tell the scum these girls come from as Ms. Cudmore has received death threats and disparaging messages, while the 3 girls families all rallied up to defend the girls with one claiming to be one of their sisters telling people to ‘keep your s**t comments to yourself’.

However, the witnesses of the incident were soon to impugn the girls with one saying that even a random taxi driver told the girls to back off and leave the poor man alone.

It’s a very sad state of affairs that this generation have been allowed to think of nothing but themselves and to sneer at those less fortunate, however, the most repugnant, abhorrent part of this story isn’t the fact 3 teenagers played a prank, it’s the fact their victim was a freezing cold, hungry, homeless person who was easy prey, and the severity of this prank will have not only left the man mortified and embarrassed, but will have knocked his self worth down even further than it already was.

A truly heinous crime that goes against what humans are hard wired to do. We are naturally empathetic, and hate to see others misfortune, trying to make things better in either the short or long term.

What these girls did to that poor man was more like something from A Game of Thrones. To publically humiliate someone who is literally on the bones of their backside with the promise of a decent hot meal and to then ridicule him and more than likely upload the video to social media is barbaric and has no place in a civilized world.

I’ve been a teenager, and I’ve played pranks, but no one was ever hurt, and no one was ridiculed or belittled, it was banter in the true sense of the word. What this was, was nothing short of cruel and borderline evil.