It is that time of the year, all major retail outlets are now launching their Christmas TV advertisement campaigns, and both online and land based retailers are actively promoting their festive wares, in the hope they can achieve their all important end of year sales figures.

In fact, it is the run up to Christmas that can make or break many retailers, and in the current financial climate there is the possibility that if some of them do not have a profitable November and December they may join some of the other retailers that have recently gone bust.

As competition is so strong between all retailers at this time of year, the customer is always going to have a great chance of being able to snap up a huge range of different bargains, if of course they are prepared to shop around.

To ensure the tills keep on ringing over the next few weeks many retailers have started their Christmas Sales right now! However, as any savvy shopper will know, not everything that they come across that appears to be a bargain is actually a bargain.

As such, if you are spending today or the next few days doing a little bit of Christmas chopping then be prepared to actively look around for whilst there are many bargains to be had by doing so, you may find some goods for sale that are not as valued packed as they appear.

One thing I have noticed many of my friends and family members are doing this year is not buying Christmas presents but instead giving cash to their friends or family members and therefore allowing those receiving that cash to be able to spend it on exactly what they want to spend it on when they wish to spend it.

It is no secret that as soon as Christmas is out of the way the vast majority of retailers then start their New Year sales and that is when some massive discounts can be found, on all of the overpriced goods that were available in the run up to Christmas.

Whilst you may feel that giving cash to someone as their Christmas present is not exactly exciting or a thoughtful gift it is something many people will appreciate, especially younger people who are after the latest technical gadget that may be outside of most parents or relatives budgets before the New Year sales!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.