Gender and Class

I’m writing this as a privileged, middle class, white male. So I do fall into a minority. However, there has been a backlash over a well-meaning campaign to find the UK’s best mother.

The photo is an innocent enough, no different to photos you’ll see of a group of friends who’ve been for a photo shoot. However, the photo has attracted criticism for Hello! Magazine and Fashion House Next, for not being ‘diverse’ enough.

The women in the photo are ‘white, middle class and slim’ women. OK, so there isn’t much diversity in the picture, but as a society we have evolved since the 70’s, where it was compulsory to have the token Black person, then it moved on to the token Asian person, then the token Gay person.

We are people, not tokens, and something so petty as our skin colour is about as relevant in today’s society as whether or not I’m wearing matching socks!

I understand the choice for the judging panel isn’t very diverse ethnicity wise, but if we had to have one person from every minority, the panel would be virtually every woman in the country, from single mums to multiple divorcees, disabled to health freaks, Lesbian, Pansexual, Bisexual, Transgender, Multimillionairesses, those that can’t afford to put bread on the table, Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Jew, Sikh. Near as damn it every woman in the country would be on the panel. Now that would make things difficult.

There is a lot of diversity in the UK, and it’s a quality that we should be proud of. However, the snowflakes really need to get off of their high horses and look at the important things. Yes, inequality does exist, but they’re looking at it through such blinkered, rose tinted glasses they aren’t seeing the big picture.

If you have 3 very different people living on a rundown council estate, their chances are pretty much the same of getting on in life. Put the same 3 people into a well off area, their chances are better. It has nothing to do with colour (or for the most part it doesn’t), it’s usually to do with peoples preconceptions and previous experiences of people from those types of areas.

Being gay doesn’t affect your ability to nurture, nor does the colour of your skin. Your ability to nurture affects your ability to nurture.

I am sure there will be a vast array of mothers from all different backgrounds in the contest, and they will be judged fairly and equally on the thing that is most important, how to look after their charges.

So come off it snowflakes, people are dying of cold, starvation and poverty. If you want to protest and wave your placards about and lobby the government, do it for something that truly matters, not just because political correctness demands that you are professionally outrage