The owner of Simon the Giant Bunny has been awarded a 5 figure settlement after it was revealed that the poor animal had been accidently locked in a freezer for up to 18 hours. However, the plot to the story thickens, as it seems the airline, which already has taken a severe battering to its reputation, is trying to cover up what really did happen to Simon.

Under terms of absolute secrecy, Annette Edwards, a former Playboy Bunny Girl, was awarded the 5 figure sum and must never speak of the case. However, this appears to be more like hush money, as we are soon to divulge.

There were a catalogue of errors leading up to the death of Simon, and UA’s version of events (and their later actions) just doesn’t quite add up. Firstly, how exactly do staff who have been trained in the aircrafts layout, put a live animal in a freezer for 16 hours? Secondly, why was the body cremated before a Post Mortem could be performed? Thirdly, why did they refuse to release the remains of Simon so they could be examined in the UK, his country of origin?

United Airlines has not had a great year so far, with controversy after controversy, especially after over booking a flight and physically assaulting a doctor while making him abandon his flight, despite the fact, being a medical professional with patients to see, he also technically has a certain amount of immunity to such rulings, as the lives of his patients are a great deal more important than Joe Average missing a day of work in a call centre, which incidentally, would be compensated by UA.

These heavy handed tactics have not only been hard for the airline to swallow due to the backlash, but many potential passengers are appalled at the airlines behaviour and its relentless rigidity in its often rash decisions.  A little common sense in this issue would have saved the company a lot of face and also ensured that Dr. Dao would be able to see his patients without suffering a bloodied face.

Furthermore, a certain Mr. Munoz, whom was set to become executive of UA’s parent company, has been blasted for not only trying to pass the blame onto Dr. Dao, but also implementing absurd rules, including a no leggings rule, which meant 2 young girls were stopped from boarding a plane at the gate due to this outrageous and megalomaniac rule.

Munoz has had to eat his own words, and will no longer be in the heading to get the top spot after such a spectacular failure in his judgement and common sense, which currently in UA, seems to be in short supply.

Hopefully, after this embarrassing episode, lessons will be learned, and staff will use at least half a brain cell when making decisions with regards to animal welfare and the grief and suffering that their owners go through, not to mention the trauma that poor animal went through in his final moments.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.