Let’s face a few facts, it is at this time of year when most people start to plan their summer holidays, and as such you are going to be bombarded with all manner of different advertisements from holiday companies and airlines.

As such, you may be tempted at the very least to start making plans to go away this coming summer, and it is very true to say some of the flight prices you will see being advertised do look too good to be true, but are they?

Well, one thing to always keep in mind is that the price of any flight can often be at its lowest when they are booked months in advance, and as such if you are planning on going abroad this summer then now really is the time you should be booking your flights.

However, all airlines including budget airlines charge more for their flights during the school holidays, so the prices you see being advertised right now that are very low in price will not be available for flights taken during the school holidays.

But the business model for all budget airlines is such that there will always be a certain amount of cut price tickets available on all of their flights, and as such if you do want to bag a bargain then you need to boo well in advance, for the later you leave it to book the much dearer the price of the flights will be.

If you do intend to use a budget airline then also keep in mind the price you see quoted initially will be the bare cost of the plane ticket, and you are going to be faced with paying all manner of additional fees and charges if you for example wish to take more than just hand luggage.

As such, things to be aware of that will see you being forced to pay extra include whether you do wish to take any hold luggage and opposed to hand luggage, and there is often a fee to be paid if you want to sit together on a flight.

Many budget airlines randomly allocate seats to their customers, and even if you book for example 4 seats all on the one same booking you may not end up sitting next to each other, the only exception is when you book seats for small children as you will often find that if they are under a certain age the booking system will automatically select seats for you that are next to each other on the plane.

Food, drinks and snacks on the plane also now cost extra, so if you are planning on going on a fairly long flight then keep in mind you are going to have to pay some quite excessive prices to buy any drinks, snacks or meals on the flight.

If you are planning on travelling in the winter months then also wrap up warm at the airport, for when you start to board you will often have to walk to the plane and climb up the stairs outside, as opposed to using an air gate.