I’m a little nervous today. Firstly I have a house inspection tomorrow, where a lady who takes in every waif and stray  she finds and tries to re-home them will asses mine (and my partners) ability to look after another living being.

There are only a couple of problems. My office is (and always has been) a bomb site, and the house is fairly small, especially considering the size of the dog I’ll (HOPEFULLY) be fostering for a little while until a permanent home comes along for him.

I was brought up with dogs since I was a baby. Big dogs, small dogs, pure breeds, Heinz 57’s, rescue, puppy’s, smart dogs, thick dogs, one that was so stupid he continuously failed his basic Kennel Club training. I’ve seen it all.

But the thing is, with dogs, for all the love and affection they give you, they are dependent on you. This ultimately means that you are responsible, like having a big, furry baby. You have to pick up its mess, train it, feed it, water it, gain its trust, bathe it, walk it, nurture it and love it in return.

Now, I do love dogs, but as I travel a lot, it would be unfair to have one permanently. I can spend months at a time away, and the poor thing would be so confused because there would be no routine.

On the other hand, fostering for a few days, weeks or months is ideal for anyone that wants all the perks of having a pet but has little or none of the permanent time.

Since moving about 8 years ago (possibly a little longer) I seem to have spiralled into a bit of a depression. Not manic depressive, but the inertia of my life makes it at times seem like a combination of Groundhog Day and a continuous Frat Party.

So, while I was being nosey and spying on my neighbours on social media, up pops a message request about a handsome fellow that had been dumped nearby and was in desperate need of a foster (or ideally permanent) home.

I don’t know anything about him, other than his new name is Seb, that he was dumped and that he’s pretty old but still in pretty good health. Of course I jumped at the chance. He’s going to be hard work and need a lot of walking, but where I live, there are plenty of walks we can do, and it will give me something to actually wake up for and a purpose, other than being gorgeous!

The hardest part however is going to be the partner. He hates animals unless they’re on a plate with chips. However, from what people have told me about Seb, is that he’s a gentle soul, and quite a charmer, so maybe, just maybe, my fella will learn to tolerate, if not, actually like him.

So if you are finding yourself at a loose end, or simply want additional company without all the permanent ties. Try fostering a pet.

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.