Is there a month of the year, or even a season that doesn’t involve an event that needs planning? From New Year to Valentine’s, Easter to Mother’s Day, May Day to Wedding Season, Halloween to Bonfire Night to Christmas, and then is all starts again. If feel more like an event planner at times, not a hairdresser/writer/blogger!

As Valentine’s is approaching, and faster than I’d like I have to admit, be prepared for the inevitable diamond ring, and the 4 magic words. ‘Will you marry me?’.

These 4 words are the beginning of the process, and as most weddings happen in summer, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly you can organize a wedding. Be it a full on society wedding with 300 guests, or a smaller intimate wedding with only a few guests held in the registrars (the place where the legal contract is signed). Basically regardless of where, when and how, it’s pretty much a given that when the potential bride and groom want to do it, they will by hook or by crook.

But now we have other issues. The joyous guest list. Where do you sit Auntie Drunken Doris and Inebriated Uncle Ian (who hate each other but refuse to divorce and always cause a scene after a glass of champagne too many?). Should you really invite your best friends’ sisters’ hairdressers’ nieces’ boyfriend? What about Great Grandma Ethyl (who has late stage Dementia and won’t even remember, or possibly want to be there?)

You have to balance the guest list out. And you have to be brutal, look at practicalities; don’t look at it as shunning someone.

Then the venue, that’s not too hard to manage, but some of the more exclusive venues are booked up years in advance. Though, if you simply want to sign the contract, you can organize that in a matter of weeks.

The reception is a pain in the ass. Truly, it really is, with so many fussy eaters these days or as I call them, the ‘Does it contain Wheat?’ brigade, you can’t simply have a normal buffet, you have to have Veggie, Vegan, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Booze Free, Home Crafted, Artisan, Free Range sandwiches. And then they’ll complain because the plate it’s served on wasn’t hand made in a mud hut it Ghana by a witchdoctor living in the middle of a rainforest. Actually, take those people off the list!

When it comes to seating plans, your best bet is to either not have one, or to think long and hard about each individual person, and pair them up with someone with similar interests. They may be strangers, family members, couples, but sit like minded people together, as time goes by, the seating arrangements usually go out of the window anyway and likeminded people gravitate towards each other.

Flowers are a difficult one, people are actually allergic to some flowers, so speak to your florist for the least allergenic ones otherwise your ceremony will end up sounding like an A&E during cold season!