Great Britain is one of the most diverse countries in the words, both culturally and ethnically, so it is with a heavy heart that I have to report that a head teacher has been bulled from her job after banning the hijab.

She single handedly managed to turn her school around, with it now being one of the top primary schools in the country, more surprisingly, it is in one of London’s  most deprived areas where most of the children speak English as a second language.

The ban on the hijab has however upset some militant followers of Islam, who have packed her personal email with thousands of emails, all derogatory and quite bitter and cruel, all because she doesn’t want girls under the age of 8 wearing the hijab.

The emails however, are of interest, mainly because many were sent from nowhere near the school (Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, Northampton), and some originate with many not even coming from the same country, with IP’s attached being traced to Malaysia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Also, many of the emails were identical with only the name being changed.

The torrent of abuse, started by TV presenter Hafsash Dabiri, using his power, he has single handedly managed to whip up a storm and segregate even further. Or in the words of Dianne Abbot, Divide and Conquer.

The UK, particularly England has a reputation of being open and accepting of others, however,  there does come a point where enough is enough, and a ban on the Hijab and Burkah aren’t about oppressing other cultures, it’s about security and safety. If we can’t see your face clearly, that is a danger to society because it could be anyone under there.

To bully this obviously dedicated, hard working woman out of the job she loves is disgraceful, and the fact the department of education has done the grand total of nothing to sort it is just adding insult to injury.

By all means, in this country worship whoever you want, however, there is a difference between going to your place of worship once a week, and then trying to indoctrinate other people, especially young, easily moulded minds.

In Islam the Hijab is worn by young girls once they start puberty, and even some clerics have argued that there is no scripture anywhere that states girls so young should be wearing the garment.

Unfortunately, however, the far right such as EDL, BNP and Britain First will have a field day with this and will actually try to use it to drive an even bigger wedge between us all, using the mentality of ‘Us and Them’ which they seem to do quite a lot. It is also likely that moderate muslims will now be at risk of abuse by these very people, despite them not following the religious rules to the letter.

I am all for cultural freedom, and if you want to wear a headscarf that doesn’t conceal your face (the Jews do it), by all means do, but concealing your face is not right.