We know that Vegas is not the place to go for a quiet, relaxing holiday. It’s fun, but you do quickly burn out. That is where Laughlin comes in. Situated about an hour away from Vegas, Laughlin was founded by Don Laughlin (who is still alive).

Don had become disenchanted with Las Vegas, and after flying over the town, saw its tourism potential. When he raised the idea he was laughed down and soon sold up and went about setting up what would soon become Vegas away from Vegas.

As Don is quite family orientated, he also ensured that there were things for the younger visitors to do also, and as such, part of his own Casino,

The Riverside, there are amusement arcades, a cinema (which is very cheap), 34 lane bowling alley, a classic car and antique slot museum with knowledgeable staff,  he then set about setting up a mall with a local Family  Dollar store, and from there, Laughlin began to grow and grow, with the Aquarius Casino and Resort, and then Golden Nugget coming to town.

The beauty with Laughlin is it isn’t all about the gambling, there’s a stunning walk beside the Colorado River, a huge array of other things to do, including food, bars, and just a short drive away is Bullhead City for anything else you should require.

In the mall, you’ll find a food court, and several shops, though not all of them are filled just yet. You’ll find the Garage is open 24 hours and they sell all you could need from alcohol to cigarettes and snacks.

If you decide to not stay in a resort, there is the RV park, and also The Frontier offers chalet type cabins and apartments overlooking the river.

In the Aquarius resort, you’ll find all the rooms have river views and the food is far superior to some of the buffets we’ve been to in Vegas.

Also, Laughlin has a lot of regulars, generally of an older generation and as such, they prefer to play at a more relaxed pace and don’t scream and shout when they win $5.00 on a slot machine! You’ll have plenty of thinking time in Laughlin while also being able to enjoy your time playing, shopping, drinking or simply strolling around taking in the sights.

As there are so many restaurants and buffets in such a small vicinity this has led to some competition and you are guaranteed value for money no matter where you eat, drink or choose to dance the night away.

As the cinema is so cheap, you’ll be pleased to know a family of 4 can enjoy a movie for around $35. Far cheaper than other theatres where a family of 4 would cost upwards of $60 or $70!

Most of the resorts have recently gone under refurbishment and have new pools and gym facilities so if you do need to let off some steam, you can always use the gym!