It has certainly been an eventful year, however the entire team here at Democrat Live hope you have a very enjoyable and peaceful Christmas, and if you are off work through to the New Year then here’s hoping you enjoy your time off!

Christmas is also a time for reflection, and it can also be a time when people sadly lose loved ones or reflect on those who will sadly not be joining them around the table for Christmas dinner, and with that in mind spare a through for any neighbours you may have who will be on their own this year.

It really can and will make a difference if you pop round to see them, even if for just a few minutes on Christmas Day, for it can be a very lonely day for those who have lost loved ones this year.

Another thing you should always try and spend some time doing on Christmas Day is telephoning or skyping people you know and love, rather than just send a text or similar type of message if they can see you and also hear your voice on Christmas Day it can make a whole world of difference.

However, try and do so before you have overindulged on the beer, wine or spirits, as trying to make sense of what someone who is drunk is saying can be difficult, I know I have tried doing so many times on Christmas Day in the past!

If you do find yourself on your own this Christmas, and know that there will be no visitors or friends or family members getting in touch with you, then please keep in mind if you do start to feel down or lonely there are people you can contact all day any day of the year, the Samaritans for example will always be available if you just want to speak to someone for any reason.

You may also fancy volunteering for a bit of charity work over Christmas and the New Year and if you do so there are many charitable organisations that help the homeless and also help feed people who for whatever reason are unable to afford to do so, and that could be a way of doing something very constructive this Christmas rather than sitting at home staring at the four walls, or watching endless repeats on television.

Whatever you do have planned for Christmas our entire team wish you all the very best and hope you do have an enjoyable and peaceful time.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.