Manchester, one of the best cities in the world is currently being plagued by feral kids. Kids as young as 10 are wandering the streets at night armed with knives and other weapons, they spit, swear, abuse, taunt, intimidate, mug, rob. This is not a good image for a city that once prided itself on its hard working ethos and industrialism.

The surrounding areas of Manchester, so Failsworth, Oldham, Rochdale, Chadderton and Ashton – Under – LYNe all have high unemployment levels. Though there are other issues too. Most if the areas have high unemployment levels because they have low employment opportunities, with around 3 people for every job. So for some, unemployment isn’t a choice, it’s simply because they can’t find work.

However, the parents of the feral yobs are a different kettle of fish. A senior police officer recently said ‘some of them just don’t care’.

These skanks are going to be the type that can work, but play the system so perfectly they can fraudulently claim so many benefits they can afford many luxuries that the working public can only dream of.

They stick out like a sore thumb, in their PJ’s to do the weekly shop, cigarette in hand, drinking cheap cider on the doorstep morning, noon and night, a 60” plasma screen TV with Sky and at least 1 games console. They’ll also usually be popping kids out every 9 months (some of them, if giving birth were an Olympic sport, they’d get a gold), because they get more benefits, but don’t raise said kids to be beneficial to society, yet preach all over social media that ‘they’re the best mummy in the world’.

So, how do we solve a problem like feral brats destroying our amazing city? Ferals that are wasting government time and resources. Well, the answer is simple, hit the parents where it hurts because that seems to be the only language they understand.

When they can’t afford a packet of fags, or the internet’s been cut off because their benefits have been cut to cover the cost their little darlings have caused, that should start driving the message home. Or how about cutting the benefits all together until the debt to society is repaid, forcing them to sink or swim. They all claim they can’t walk more than 30 feet without getting out of breath, yet can make babies like a baker makes bread.

I don’t 100% blame the parents or the child, they are equally to blame, the child should know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, but the parents are being lazy and allowing their kids to wreak havoc, and woe betide should someone pull them up on their behaviour.

It truly is a hard situation to try to resolve, but unfortunately the time has come for hard action, because if this isn’t nipped in the bud now, we’re going to have a revolt of vigilante justice, which just won’t do.