‘No, I don’t want a dog’ he said. Suddenly she’s now his ‘baby waby’!

Seriously, when I said I’d foster a dog, my fella was apprehensive to say the least. Even calling her ‘Ba****d the Puppy’. Now, I have regular requests for updates on her.

My partners ex wife unfortunately passed away last week, so he flew out for the funeral and to be with his family. Leaving me with the little bundle of fluff, and it’s been interesting. Hard work, but interesting.

The hardest part has actually been confining her to the balcony while we waited to get her boosters done, as expected she began to get restless and bored, so I broke the rules slightly and did do her a couple of walks on the lead around the gardens. But now that her boosters are now up to date, she can go on all the walks she could desire.

The whole point of getting the dog was for a little more companionship, and to make life a little more interesting for me and the other half, though, I’m unsure if we will be able to keep her, as currently this is only a foster arrangement, and I feel that I’m a little too selfish to be tied down.

I like my home comforts, my holidays, going out. Would it really be fair of me to jet off for 2 months on a whim and leave the dog behind? The poor thing would feel like she’s been abandoned.

It’s also a concern for me that where we live isn’t huge, and being a mastine, she’s going to be on a par with a St Bernard size wise, something that, unless we move to somewhere bigger pretty soon, we’re going to be a bit cramped.

I love the little girl to pieces, she’s really affectionate and very bright. She is pretty quiet and seldom barks, and never whimpers. Though getting her out of my wardrobe in a morning can be quite tricky if she’s been up all night playing!

In all I’ve enjoyed the experience of having her, but I have to put the dogs needs first, and if that means a more equipped foster, or ideally adopter, I’ll have no choice but to say goodbye, but will be happy in the knowledge that I’ve given her the best start in life she could have, given the terrible start she did have.

I’ve in just a couple of short weeks seen her transform from a quivering wreck that wouldn’t leave the corner of the lounge, to a bouncing bundle of energy that just wants to play, eat and sleep.

So I’ll be quite sad to see her go, but glad that she’ll be going to someone that can give her everything she needs and more besides. Plus there is the ongoing cost of having a dog. The injections, medications, rabies jabs, flea baths. The list goes on, and as they get older, they get more and more  expensive. But, we’ll see what the future has in store.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.