A 13 year old girl has reunited a deaf and blind man with his wallet, containing £1000, after no less that 5 other people tried to claim it.

Caitlin Jeffery found the wallet that was dropped by the pensioner and inside found the vast sum of money and a single photograph. She immediately handed it in to the local shop, who in turn handed it in to police.

The 80 year old gentleman, Dennis Clatworthy was reunited with the wallet shortly afterwards and the family have rewarded Caitlin with £50 for her honesty.

This comes in complete contrast to horror stories I’ve had to report on lately, including gangs of feral teenagers essentially holding towns to ransom, yobs and thugs and dysfunctional families.

It’s a refreshing change to report on something positive that involves a young person, more so because not only was the money all there, but that she took it into a shop and handed it over to a responsible adult who would know what to do.

It’s sad really that as a society, we have descended into such depravity and such a lack of morals that this would actually make the news. But, the time we live in, this is.

This young girls honesty is a credit to her parents and the way they have brought her up to have integrity, honesty and good common sense. There are many people who would have simply picked up the wallet and kept the money, potentially leaving an elderly, disabled man without rent, food or heat.  What we have done as a society in the UK is let our standards slip, and slip to such a point where I feel little more than despair when I think about the situation.

Teachers can’t discipline, parents don’t care, the police are powerless and the councils are so overstretched they can’t afford to invest in the young. Something has to change, especially considering that council tax goes up year on year, yet, service get worse and worse. With cuts being made to absolutely everything, it’s like a blood bath.

For us to get out of this cesspit we’ve descended into, we need to start giving the youth of today something to be proud of, and something to look after. From there, the other things that make up being a decent human will follow, including showing compassion and empathy towards others, simple discipline, not brawling and being antisocial.

But unfortunately, this isn’t a utopia. Most of us probably wish it were, and that we didn’t have to deal with youthful yobs on a daily basis, but this is a sign of the times and as the generations go on, it’s only going to get worse.

I hate religion, but I’ll hand it to the Catholic Church – 100 years ago, the bible put the fear of Christ into kids, essentially giving them food for thought on their actions and the consequences of their actions should they choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing.