It is said that fashion is objective, similar to art. Personally, I don’t know how a used sanitary towel stuck to a public toilet door can win a Turner Prize, but it did!

Fashion in Vegas is like the Turner Prize of fashion. The Golden Raspberry of Vogue.

From swanning around looking like a $2 transvestite hooker to wearing butt pads so large they need indicators and a reversing alarm. You see it all in Vegas.

Think Rocky Horror, just without the music.

Some of the things I’ve seen in my life, be that gay pride events, fashion shows, art exhibitions, are all generally one offs. Fancy dress. In comparison to these events (I even saw a guy in nothing but a jock strap and a unicorn get up at one Pride), these are wild!

So, I’ll start with the mild stuff. A lot of younger people are doing it, and it’s actually a really cool thing to do in general as it isn’t permanent, and that is hair chalk. I’ve seen people with their hair styled like peacock feathers complete with the elaborate patterns and plumage. Then there are the towering stilettos which can only be described gravity defying! I’ve done drag, and I struggle with 6” heels without getting vertigo, let alone 12”+!

The last couple of years have also seen a Hunger Gamesesque shift in makeup trends. Bold is beautiful, bright colours and stark contrasts make the fashions even more like a haute couture catwalk display.

Now, the clothes, and I’m no Victorian prude who thinks flashing a bit of ankle is softcore porn and Venus de Milo needs censoring for the good of the children, but good God! Some of the skirts are so short you can nearly see their uterus! The Goth/Emo thing has made a bit of a return too, with torn fishnets, corsets and leather making a comeback, but in vivid colour as oppose to simple Black, White, Red and Purple.

The men are donning a lot of wide brimmed hats too, but in a Slash from Guns n Roses type way, not an undertaker. It’s actually quite a good look on a lot of them.

Now for the more permanent, or actually, just permanent. Piercing has been around since the year dot. Ears, Nose, Tongue, Nipple, Vagina, Penis. If there’s a bit of loose skin, people will pierce it. If there isn’t any loose skin, they’ll find a way around it! Some actually looks quite pretty, others look slutty and like they’re about to start a shift on the Game.

Facial piercings (and we aint talking eyebrows and noses here), on the cheek bones, under the eye socket, in the cheeks to force ‘baby doll’ type dimples when removed. Now I’ve nothing against body mod, why should I be, it isn’t my body, but some of these are truly disastrous, especially when you can tell they are becoming infected. Not a sexy look.

Then we have the facial tattoos. These are fine if they are in keeping with your heritage, for example it’s a tribal tradition, but having guns and skulls etched into your skin is wrong on so many levels! Kids, if you’re reading this, if you want a job that is well paid, keep your ink to yourself and somewhere it can be easily concealed!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.