An 18 year old abducted from her mother’s arms when she was a baby discovered two years ago that she had been kidnapped, according to her half sister.

Kamiyah Mobley was allegedly snatched by Gloria Williams, 51, who dressed as a nurse and took her as a baby from a Florida hospital. The girl has been living as Alexis Manigo ever since and claimed she only found out that something was seriously amiss a few days ago when the woman who raised her was arrested.


However, Arika Williams, who thought that Ms Mobley was her half sister, claims that the teenager actually discovered that she had been kidnapped when she tried to apply for a job two years ago. Ms Williams says Ms Mobley was so distressed by what she had discovered that she stayed off school the following day.


Police have already said that Ms Mobley had suspicions a few months ago that she could have been kidnapped. However, officers have not said what led her to draw that conclusion.

The discovery of Ms Mobley, living in South Carolina, just three hours away from where she had been taken, brings to an end a mystery which has baffled the nation. She was taken from her mom Shanara Mobley’s arms on the day she was born in the University Medical Center in Jacksonville.

It is understood that Williams had suffered a miscarriage around a week before she allegedly took the little girl. She is said to have told family and friends that the baby was her own and, because she had been pregnant, they did not suspect anything was wrong.

Within a few hours, Ms Mobley was able to speak to her biological parents over FaceTime, and then met them in person at the police station where Williams is being held. The family is understood to be planning to drive to South Carolina this weekend to meet up again as they try to build a relationship after so many years apart.

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