One thing that you do need to be aware of if you are about to venture off on your summer holidays, if that you may be forced to pay to use public toilets in some countries of the world!

In fact, a recent survey in regards to the cost of using public toilets has revealed that you could pay a small fortune if you do need to keep popping to the toilet when you are out and about visiting new places you may never have visited before!

If you are therefore planning a trip abroad then keep on reading, for if there are quite a lot of people travelling with you then you may need to go armed with lots of coins to access public toilets when out and about!

In the UK the average of cost of using a public toilet if 30 pence, or around 39 cents in USD and around 33 cents in EUR, one thing that has been happening in the UK in recent years is that a lot of public toilets have been closed down or even demolished as the cost of their up keep has been too much to bear for some local councils.

Whist you will find many towns and cities that still do offer free to use public toilets, if you are planning on visiting any major tourist destinations or any major cities in the UK then expect to be charged each time you visit a public toilet.

Most railways stations will also charge you to use the public toilets available at those sites too, but if you can wait until you get onto the train then you will find the toilets will be free to use!

If you are panning on visiting Morocco then the average cost of using a public toilet in that country is 2DH which is about 16 pence in GBP, 20 cents in USD and around 17 cents in EUR.

Germany is another place where you are often going to find you will have to pay to us the toilets in any public places. The cost of doing so per visit is on average 50 cents in EUR, which works out at around 45 pence in GBP and around 59 cents in USD!

Free public toilets however can still be found in many different countries of the world, but if you are ever in a place where you do have to pay to use public toilets and you have no cash or change on you then consider popping into a local bar or even somewhere like a McDonalds as the toilets are usually free to use in such places!

There are often some hefty fines to pay if you are found urinating (or anything worse!) outside in a public area, so no matter how desperate you may be never break the laws when abroad or it may just cost you dear!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.